Composite Strip Crowns

Decay is a common condition in pediatric dental health. Occasionally, the decay can significantly affect the front teeth of a child.

When significant decay occurs, placing a stainless steel crown on a front tooth is not esthetically desirable because it can impact your child’s self-confidence in their appearance. When anterior, or front tooth, decay occurs, we offer an alternative to protect the appearance and health of your child’s teeth.

Composite Strip Crowns

Rather than placing unsightly stainless steel crowns or expensive porcelain crowns on anterior teeth, we offer another option. Strip crowns allow us to use resin composite material, made from a mixture of plastic and glass powder, to repair and protect your child’s smile.

To start, we will always make sure your child is comfortable for their treatment. Dr. Karina will apply topical anesthetic first to the gum tissue and the area surrounding the decay in order to numb your child’s tissue prior to delivering anesthetic by injection. She will allow time for the anesthetic to take effect and then gently remove all signs of decay from your child’s tooth structure.

Next, she will prepare the surface of each tooth with a special bonding agent to help the composite adhere to your child’s natural tooth. She will match the shade of your child’s tooth to the composite material. Using small, clear plastic tooth-shaped molds, she will fill each one with the appropriate shade of composite material and press it to the tooth, removing any excess composite from near the gum line. 

Dr. Karina will then cure the composite material using a special blue light that hardens the composite. It is necessary to do this from all sides to ensure that the composite is fully hardened.

Once she cures the composite material, Dr. Karina will remove the small plastic molds from the composite. She will shape and polish your child’s teeth so that their smile looks natural and feels smooth. 

Benefits of Strip Crowns

Strip crowns are the most economical and esthetic way to restore multiple front teeth without unsightly metal crowns.

Because the composite is moisture sensitive, it will be necessary to keep your child’s teeth dry during the procedure. Fortunately, Dr. Karina is highly skilled at successfully placing these types of restorations. She will use a rubber dam, cotton rolls, and drying tape to manage your child’s saliva during the procedure so that we achieve the best fit.

Are Strip Crowns Right for Your Child?

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