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Technology allows us to provide higher quality dentistry for your child by making our diagnosis and treatment more accurate, comfortable, and successful. Technology also makes it easier to deliver information and treatment options – we can show you x-rays and photos on our monitors so you always feel informed. Another perk to having great technology is that it makes treatment fun for the kids in our office. Here are some of the ways we have included technology in our Roswell, GA dental office.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays allow us to capture the highest resolution image available with minimal radiation. Digital x-rays reduce radiation by 80-90 percent over traditional film x-rays. The images appear instantly on our treatment room monitors so that we can diagnose problems quickly. Identifying conditions like decay, infection, and bone loss as well as tracking growth development are just some of the ways we use digital x-rays.

We will recommend x-rays based on your child's needs.

Comfortable Pediatric Dental Care for Children

We designed our modern dental office with you and your little one's comfort in mind. We have a variety of games for kids, and a quiet, relaxing area for adults. Our treatment rooms have flat screen TVs so your child can watch movies or TV while they receive treatment. At the end of their appointment, each child can pick a prize from our treasure chest!

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