Pediatric Dental Extractions

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We do our best to preserve your child’s teeth whenever possible. In some cases, however, the best way to support the oral health of your child is to remove a problem tooth in order to protect your child’s remaining teeth or restore their comfort.

When Dental Extractions Are Necessary

Dental extractions become necessary for a number of reasons. Your child’s tooth may sustain damage from play or sports that prevents us from restoring their tooth and saving it. In cases of baby teeth, we will not normally provide a replacement restoration, though we may do so to reserve that space for the adult tooth that follows.

A serious infection in the root of your child’s tooth may mean an extraction is necessary. Infections can cause inflammation, which can be painful and may also cause bone loss or put their future oral health at risk. This sometimes happens following an unsuccessful pulpotomy ("baby root canal").

As children grow, we can evaluate their bites and determine if early orthodontic intervention may be beneficial for your child. Sometimes an extraction may be necessary for orthodontic treatment, though space maintainers are commonly used, as well.

Sometimes baby teeth refuse to let go, even when the adult tooth is ready to emerge. We can help this process along and will take an x-ray to make sure that their secondary tooth is ready before removing their baby tooth. Generally, when primary teeth are ready to erupt, the baby teeth lose their root structure, making the extraction a relatively easy procedure.

Dental Extraction Procedures

If you bring your child in for a dental exam and we determine that one of their teeth is beyond repair, we will perform the extraction here in our Roswell, GA dental office. We will always place an emphasis on your child’s comfort. We will use the appropriate anesthetic and monitor their comfort throughout their treatment. 

For patients who have fears about dentistry or dental treatment, we offer several types of sedation dentistry to ease their fears and allow them to relax.

Dr. Karina will gently lift the tooth and place stiches, if necessary. She will discuss your child’s healing process and how to manage any discomfort after the anesthetic wears off. The good news is that gum tissue heals relatively quickly and your child should feel better and better each day.

We will schedule a follow-up exam to monitor your little one and make sure they are healing properly.

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