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Why are baby teeth important?

It may seem easier just to extract a baby tooth that suffers from decay or an infection.

Baby teeth are essential to your child’s oral health development, however.

Not only do they provide a full chewing surface for your child to eat a healthy diet, but they also guide their permanent teeth into place as they erupt through the gums. You may have noticed that when baby teeth fall out, permanent teeth erupt quickly before the remaining teeth shift to fill in the gap in their smile. Not having enough space for permanent teeth to erupt can result in a misaligned bite and painful or problematic tooth eruptions.

While it may seem easier or cheaper to extract baby teeth instead of treating them, this can cause more painful and costly procedures down the road. Sometimes orthodontic intervention, or even extractions, may be the only way to repair the damage.

We do everything we can to save your child’s baby teeth because it is the best thing to protect their current smile and their future smile! If you ever have questions about the treatment we perform on baby teeth, we will be happy to answer them for you! We always want you to be completely informed about your child’s oral health.

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