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Is fluoride safe for my child?

The American Dental Association states that fluoride is safe when properly used and administered. We recommend fluoride treatments based on your child’s needs. If they are particularly susceptible to decay, fluoride may provide a huge benefit to their oral health. We recommend it when necessary.

Many municipalities have fluoridated tap water. Not all communities have sufficient levels to prevent decay, as it varies from city to city and region to region. That is why using fluoride toothpaste every day is beneficial. Use only a small pea-sized amount for very small children until they learn how to properly spit it out of their mouths after brushing. Swallowing toothpaste may cause an upset stomach.

We completely understand that you want the best for your child and to protect them in any way you can. Fluoride has worked as a preventive measure for many decades, allowing people to keep their natural teeth for much longer than ever. Most people, with proper dental care, can enjoy their natural smiles for a lifetime.

If you have additional questions about fluoride, its benefits, or risks, we encourage you to discuss it with us. We value your concern for your child and are happy to work with you on developing a dental health care plan that you are comfortable with.

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