Wonderland Pediatric Dentistry

Can you help my anxious child?

Some children look forward to their dental visits because they find them to be fun and educational. It also helps that they receive a prize at the end of their appointment! Other children however, have a hard time at the dentist. They may worry that it is going to hurt. They may feel like it is difficult to sit still.

At Wonderland Pediatric Dentistry, we know that each child is different. We treat your child the way that works best for them. That may mean that they need additional help relaxing for their dental appointments. By using sedation dentistry, we can make a stressful dental appointment a relaxing one.

Nitrous oxide sedation is a mild sedative that is safe for most kids. We administer this sedative through a nose mask and blend it with oxygen. We will monitor your child’s level of sedation throughout their appointment and can adjust it as needed. When their appointment is near the end, we will discontinue the sedation so they feel normal again in a few minutes.

In-office sedation requires us to administer a prescription sedative that lasts longer and wears off more slowly. It provides a higher level of sedation for your child. We will schedule these appointments first thing in the morning because your child will not be able to eat prior.

General anesthetic in the hospital gives us an alternative for kids who have extensive dentistry or who cannot sit still for their dental appointment due to a medical or physical condition. General anesthetic will be administered under the supervision of an anesthesiologist.

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